Hayate no Gotoku!

Hayate no Gotoku!

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Alternative: ハヤテのごとく! , 旋风管家 , 负债管家后宫史 , ฮายาเตะพ่อบ้านประจัญบาน , 하야테처럼! , Chàng Quản Gia , Hayate le Majordome , Hayate no Gotoku , Hayate the Combat Butler , Hayate, Mayordomo de Combate , هاياتي الخادم المقاتل 
Genres: Comedy, Harem, Romance, School-life, Shounen, Slice-of-life,
Author(s): Hata Kenjiro
Source: mangapark
Status: Ongoing 
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Hayate no Gotoku!:

Hayate Ayasaki, 16, the world's unluckiest boy.


Chapter 0 10-06-2017

Chapter 1 Celebrate! It's the 100th Chapter! But it's Actually the 99th Week o...03-03-2017

Chapter 2 "Unmei" in English Means Destiny03-03-2017

Chapter 3 Explain the Situation, and I'll Consider Making A Maid Outfit03-03-2017

Chapter 4 Nagi Sanzenin and Her Secret Room03-03-2017

Chapter 5 Even Though You're A Newtype, The More You Open Your Mouth, The More...03-03-2017

Chapter 6 Redder than the Twilight and Flowing Blood of Nightstalkers03-03-2017

Chapter 7 It's Not Like I'd Scream Love from the Centre of the Earth, But How ...03-03-2017

Chapter 8 Hellbound Because of Nekomimi Mode03-03-2017

Chapter 9 I Expected More from You03-03-2017

Chapter 10 10-06-2017

Chapter 11 The Mystery of why Old Men play Shogi under Tsuutenkaku03-03-2017

Chapter 12 The New Boktai03-03-2017

Chapter 13 The Determination to Live is Stronger than Anything03-03-2017

Chapter 14 How much is your Life03-03-2017

Chapter 15 How to Lose a Golden Feather03-03-2017

Chapter 16 Careless Kindness Brings Forth Misfortune03-03-2017

Chapter 17 Giving Up After Non-Stop Bad Endings03-03-2017

Chapter 18 Nurse Angel will save you from a cold, even if you're an Idiot!!03-03-2017

Chapter 19 Employee's Night03-03-2017

Chapter 20 10-06-2017

Chapter 21 A Man's Battle03-03-2017

Chapter 22 Tokyo Underground03-03-2017

Chapter 23 Kingdom of Ambition03-03-2017

Chapter 24 I was so frustrated from losing to the kids in town that I won but I...03-03-2017

Chapter 25 Peter Pan is Annoying03-03-2017

Chapter 26 Who thought of that Kapon~ sound. They're amazing03-03-2017

Chapter 27 Every Building And Old Man Has A History03-03-2017

Chapter 28 Its Destiny03-03-2017

Chapter 29 Gandhara Was Made So03-03-2017

Chapter 30 10-06-2017

Chapter 31 Strong Feelings, Strong Love Are These Feelings Real?03-03-2017

Chapter 32 Let's Do Our Best in Various Ways03-03-2017

Chapter 33 I Want to Shout Out That I Love You03-03-2017

Chapter 34 Hinagiku-san's Wish does not Seem as if It Will be Granted even if S...03-03-2017

Chapter 35 I Don't Have Many Memories of my School Life03-03-2017

Chapter 36 She Sees The Identity of The Ghost, Yet She Does Not03-03-2017

Chapter 37 Mystery Room ⑧03-03-2017

Chapter 38 Nothing in Life is Better than the Excitement of the First Day of Su...03-03-2017

Chapter 39 There Is Only One Moon in the Sky03-03-2017

Chapter 40 10-06-2017

Chapter 41 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 11) I Have No Luck. I'm Not Onboa...03-03-2017

Chapter 41.5 Extra - Radical dreamers03-03-2017

Chapter 42 That Which I Can Grasp in These Hands03-03-2017

Chapter 43 Shining Brightly03-03-2017

Chapter 44 I want to Meet Ika-chan at The Beach. Actually, I Want to Meet Ika-c...03-03-2017

Chapter 45 Make Sure to Enter03-03-2017

Chapter 46 The Sea is With Us03-03-2017

Chapter 47 Santa's Red is a Blood-colored Hell 201403-03-2017

Chapter 48 Being a Girl is Tough03-03-2017

Chapter 49 I felt like doing it, but it was meaningless03-03-2017

Chapter 50 10-06-2017

Chapter 51 That's Why the Girl Loves03-03-2017

Chapter 52 Nagi - Andalucia dream03-03-2017

Chapter 53 Dreams Come in Many Forms03-03-2017

Chapter 54 Winning or Losing Is For The Runner03-03-2017

Chapter 55 What a Wonderful World ② 「Butterrfly」03-03-2017

Chapter 56 Tiger of Money03-03-2017

Chapter 57 Because of Densha Otoko, Parents know what goes on at Comiket which ...03-03-2017

Chapter 58 10-06-2017

Chapter 59 Thump! My Crush is my Butler!03-03-2017

Chapter 60 10-06-2017

Chapter 61 Final Trial - The Dropout Butler's Mysterious Dungeon03-03-2017

Chapter 62 Hayate and the Colossus03-03-2017

Chapter 63 Then, He Doesn't Become a Legend03-03-2017

Chapter 64 Maria-san's Lesson - Sugar-coated Poison03-03-2017

Chapter 65 It's Like The Snowy Field Level In D203-03-2017

Chapter 66 St Valentine's Day SIDE-CLASSMATE Shining Days03-03-2017

Chapter 67 St Valentine's Day SIDE-HOUSE You Kinda Look LIke Me03-03-2017

Chapter 68 10-06-2017

Chapter 69 She's Not a Child Prodigy, But She's a Genius Teacher!03-03-2017

Chapter 70 10-06-2017

Chapter 71 Welcome Isumi Demon Hunter03-03-2017

Chapter 72 A Worry More Grave Than World Conquest03-03-2017

Chapter 73 Heart to Heart03-03-2017

Chapter 74 Sis is a First Class Consultant03-03-2017

Chapter 75 Good, or Don't Be03-03-2017

Chapter 76 10-06-2017

Chapter 77 Nagi's Angel Full Throttle03-03-2017

Chapter 78 Elevator Action Won't Ever Be Featured In Newtype03-03-2017

Chapter 79 Jealousy and Freshly Baked Ja-Pan03-03-2017

Chapter 80 10-06-2017

Chapter 81 Rondo Revolution03-03-2017

Chapter 82 Why Do I Always Watch the Rebroadcast of Princess Mononoke03-03-2017

Chapter 83 Protect Isumi - Challengers Tonight, the Story of Girls Wearing Skirts03-03-2017

Chapter 84 130cm Dandie and Protect My Earth, Darling!03-03-2017

Chapter 85 When I was Little, I Thought Fishing like Idiotic Fishing Die-show w...03-03-2017

Chapter 86 Unpretty Woman03-03-2017

Chapter 87 10-06-2017

Chapter 88 Successful Mission03-03-2017

Chapter 89 10-06-2017

Chapter 90 10-06-2017

Chapter 91 10-06-2017

Chapter 92 Mistake - Before Hermioni's Debut03-03-2017

Chapter 93 Magical Love's Hayate03-03-2017

Chapter 94 The Leader of the Teope Union said Love and Hate is the Same03-03-2017

Chapter 95 A Cruel Idiot's Thesis03-03-2017

Chapter 96.5 10-06-2017

Chapter 96 Alone Between Heaven and Hell03-03-2017

Chapter 96.2 Bonus Chapter03-03-2017

Chapter 97 Mind Education03-03-2017

Chapter 98 10-06-2017

Chapter 99 Saki-san's Ambition03-03-2017

Chapter 100 10-06-2017

Chapter 101 You Lack Kung Fu03-03-2017

Chapter 102 Sure, Amuro had a Place to Return to, But03-03-2017

Chapter 103 A Long Time Ago, Hotaru Said This Whoever Manipulates a Person Will ...03-03-2017

Chapter 104 Stress Relief with You-Tobe's Media03-03-2017

Chapter 105 I Felt Sorry, So Give Me Money! And a PS3 and Xbox360 as a Set03-03-2017

Chapter 106 If I Saved Up all the Money I Used for Sister Princess, Could've Bou...03-03-2017

Chapter 107 One's Own War03-03-2017

Chapter 108 Aoyama Gosho03-03-2017

Chapter 109 The Saginmomiya Family03-03-2017

Chapter 110 10-06-2017

Chapter 111 Girigiri Chop! A Punch To An End Kick! And An Uppercut To Finish03-03-2017

Chapter 112 Wistful Railway03-03-2017

Chapter 113 If You Aren't Sure Try Painting It Red03-03-2017

Chapter 114 Run For It! Even If You Aren't An Honest Person03-03-2017

Chapter 115 Run Together03-03-2017

Chapter 116 10-06-2017

Chapter 117 Thrilling Last Boy03-03-2017

Chapter 118 The Moon is a Harsh Mistress03-03-2017

Chapter 119 Sanzen in Nagi's Little Star Wars03-03-2017

Chapter 120 10-06-2017

Chapter 121 Goodbye Humans03-03-2017

Chapter 122 The Voices of the Stars03-03-2017

Chapter 123 Believe Me...Some Day03-03-2017

Chapter 124 Life Isn't About Fighting Movie-like Monsters03-03-2017

Chapter 125 10-06-2017

Chapter 126 10-06-2017

Chapter 127 10-06-2017

Chapter 128 Counting Future Secret Club03-03-2017

Chapter 129 That's Like the Flute Sound of Path03-03-2017

Chapter 130 10-06-2017

Chapter 131 Does the Saying, A Smile's Worth 0 Zen Still Exist03-03-2017

Chapter 132 Better Luck Aspiration Shrine. The Katsura Sisters will not Appear03-03-2017

Chapter 133 Grasp a Dream of Bubbles with These Hands03-03-2017

Chapter 134 If I Were to Die, Destroy the Hard Drive's Contests without Looking ...03-03-2017

Chapter 135 Rozen Maid. A Maid Created by Rozen03-03-2017

Chapter 136 Whatever, My Cat is the Cutest03-03-2017

Chapter 137 Someone is Connecting Faster than ADSL or Optical Fibre03-03-2017

Chapter 138 Keep on Dreaming03-03-2017

Chapter 139 Nerima's and Suginami's Family Resturant is Full of Mangaka, Editors...03-03-2017

Chapter 140 10-06-2017

Chapter 141 Regardless of How Absurd the Behavior is, It is a Guy's Duty to Answ...03-03-2017

Chapter 142 Having Your Identity Exposed and Being Treated like an Animal03-03-2017

Chapter 143 Our Direction03-03-2017

Chapter 144 Even in Historical Dramas, Seeing a Shower of Cherry Petals Makes Yo...03-03-2017

Chapter 145 Distance ~ Even if it is Close03-03-2017

Chapter 146 Distance ~ Even if it is Far03-03-2017

Chapter 147 Hayate's Past03-03-2017

Chapter 148 When this New Classmate Joined this Term, I Never Thought She Would ...03-03-2017

Chapter 149 I Want to Go Hiking. I Really Want to Go03-03-2017

Chapter 150 10-06-2017

Chapter 151 Wild Life. The Animals Won't Forgive Me03-03-2017

Chapter 152 Undesired Moe and Desired Courage03-03-2017

Chapter 153 The Sun Falls on a Faraway Mountain, I Fall Into a Ravine03-03-2017

Chapter 154 A Shaking Heart! A Burning Heat! Well Something Like That03-03-2017

Chapter 155 Saki - San's Minor Business03-03-2017

Chapter 156 I Can't Sleep At 2AM, I'll Destroy The Door Because Of A Splinter03-03-2017

Chapter 157 It's Impossible to Live by Hiding in Darkness03-03-2017

Chapter 158 Actually, High School Life is Considerably Different From What You'd...03-03-2017

Chapter 159 Danger is in Walking03-03-2017

Chapter 160 10-06-2017

Chapter 161 It's Ture That My New Year's Gift Have Disappeared, But My Memories ...03-03-2017

Chapter 162 10-06-2017

Chapter 162.5 Volume 15 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 163 10-06-2017

Chapter 164 10-06-2017

Chapter 165 Lost in the Path of the Otaku03-03-2017

Chapter 166 I Can Fix That For You03-03-2017

Chapter 167 There's a Limit to Unforgettable Memories03-03-2017

Chapter 168 WheYou're Tired, Take a Nap. Then Try Your Best03-03-2017

Chapter 169 10-06-2017

Chapter 170 10-06-2017

Chapter 171 Snakes Come Out When Bushes Are Poked At. Corpses Among Other Things...03-03-2017

Chapter 172 The Plan Is Yet To Be Determined03-03-2017

Chapter 173 10-06-2017

Chapter 174 Even If The Law Says You Can't, You Still Want To See It03-03-2017

Chapter 175 You Bump into Everyone You Need in Life03-03-2017

Chapter 176 Because She's a Hero, She Can't Show Anyone The Sweat and Tears Bene...03-03-2017

Chapter 177 10-06-2017

Chapter 178 The end of the world 103-03-2017

Chapter 179 10-06-2017

Chapter 180 10-06-2017

Chapter 181 10-06-2017

Chapter 182 10-06-2017

Chapter 183 10-06-2017

Chapter 184 The End Of The World The Love Oath on the Left Hand03-03-2017

Chapter 185 The End Of The World The Birth Of The Lord Of Hatred03-03-2017

Chapter 186 The End Of The World Don't Call Me Anymore03-03-2017

Chapter 187 The End Of The World Someday, When The Rain Ceases03-03-2017

Chapter 188 The Moment for Arranging the Vacation Plan is the Most Enjoyable One03-03-2017

Chapter 189 The Person Who is Loved is the One Who is Worried. Also, the Holy Go...03-03-2017

Chapter 190 10-06-2017

Chapter 191 A date is Fun. Or Rather, I Mean Going Out with a Girl is Basically ...03-03-2017

Chapter 192 Who Would Say a Joke That He Likes a Girl Who is Full of Opens03-03-2017

Chapter 193 Ah... At Any Rate, Even The Prime Minister Said He Wants Money, Right03-03-2017

Chapter 194 10-06-2017

Chapter 195 I Wanna Know Because I Don't Know. Now I Don't Know But I'll Know La...03-03-2017

Chapter 196 10-06-2017

Chapter 197 If you feel like you have become a little greater when you wake up e...03-03-2017

Chapter 198 The Strongest Halberd And The Strongest Shield Are Made To Fight Eac...03-03-2017

Chapter 199 Nothing Will Happen As You Expect It To!! Nothing!! That's Just Your...03-03-2017

Chapter 200 10-06-2017

Chapter 201 No Matter What They Say, People Want To Be Loved More Than To Love!03-03-2017

Chapter 202 In A Love Comedy, A Bathroom Is A Battleground, You Will Die If You ...03-03-2017

Chapter 203 10-06-2017

Chapter 204 10-06-2017

Chapter 205 You Are Not Supposed To Say Funny You Should Mention That,It's Not A...03-03-2017

Chapter 206 10-06-2017

Chapter 207 There's No Way To Ensurevictory On A Spinning Roulette, There Is If ...03-03-2017

Chapter 208 Not Winning At Gambling Can Cause All Sorts Of Problems03-03-2017

Chapter 209 Limited Edition Goods Are Pain For The People That Make Them, Too03-03-2017

Chapter 210 10-06-2017

Chapter 211 Radical Dreamers Real Side03-03-2017

Chapter 212 To Wish Upon A Star,To Pray03-03-2017

Chapter 213 A Push Towards Making Things Even More Triangular03-03-2017

Chapter 214 10-06-2017

Chapter 215 03-03-2017

Chapter 216 10-06-2017

Chapter 217 10-06-2017

Chapter 217.1 Omake Volume 2003-03-2017

Chapter 217.5 10-06-2017

Chapter 218 The Stone Of Bonds03-03-2017

Chapter 219 We Are Not Innovators Our Mind Cannot Be Transmitted To Each Other W...03-03-2017

Chapter 220 10-06-2017

Chapter 221 Because You Go To The Beach There's Something You Have To Do03-03-2017

Chapter 221.5 Hayate Masterpiece Theater03-03-2017

Chapter 222 Love Makes People Run In Odd Directions And Then They Want To Die03-03-2017

Chapter 223 Winning And Happiness Are Equal But Not Linked03-03-2017

Chapter 224.3 Limited 303-03-2017

Chapter 224.1 Limited 103-03-2017

Chapter 224.4 Limited 403-03-2017

Chapter 224.5 Limited 503-03-2017

Chapter 224.2 Limited 203-03-2017

Chapter 224 Getting A Girlina A Good Mood Is Difficult But It's Important03-03-2017

Chapter 225 And Yet I Shouldn't Be Doing It03-03-2017

Chapter 226 The Living Things Known As Girls Are Naturally Strong03-03-2017

Chapter 227 Like Shadows Piling Up In The Setting Sun03-03-2017

Chapter 228 Memories Transcend Time03-03-2017

Chapter 229 No Matter When Or How Many Times03-03-2017

Chapter 230.5 Revolve03-03-2017

Chapter 230 10-06-2017

Chapter 231 10-06-2017

Chapter 232 Beautiful World03-03-2017

Chapter 233 10-06-2017

Chapter 234 10-06-2017

Chapter 235 10-06-2017

Chapter 236 I Can't Figure It Out From Incomplete Information03-03-2017

Chapter 237 10-06-2017

Chapter 238 I Can't Put It In Words03-03-2017

Chapter 239 Silky Heart03-03-2017

Chapter 240 10-06-2017

Chapter 241 The Shield Of Aegis03-03-2017

Chapter 242 Feelings In The Night03-03-2017

Chapter 243 Thinking Of Your Sleeping Face Thats Full Of Love03-03-2017

Chapter 244 Even Though I Love You... Because I Love You03-03-2017

Chapter 245 10-06-2017

Chapter 246 The Strongest VS The Invincible03-03-2017

Chapter 247 The Power Of The Distant Land03-03-2017

Chapter 248 10-06-2017

Chapter 249 10-06-2017

Chapter 249.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 250 10-06-2017

Chapter 251 10-06-2017

Chapter 252 10-06-2017

Chapter 253 10-06-2017

Chapter 254 10-06-2017

Chapter 255 10-06-2017

Chapter 256 10-06-2017

Chapter 257 10-06-2017

Chapter 258 10-06-2017

Chapter 259 10-06-2017

Chapter 260 10-06-2017

Chapter 260.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 261 10-06-2017

Chapter 262 10-06-2017

Chapter 263 10-06-2017

Chapter 264 Starts Out Slently,And Then Toll Of The Bell Rings Into The Future03-03-2017

Chapter 265 10-06-2017

Chapter 266 10-06-2017

Chapter 267 Extra The President Has Donkey Ears03-03-2017

Chapter 268 The Long Stroy Is Over, How About You Read The Stroy From Here On,Too03-03-2017

Chapter 269 When We Were Young We Were Shocked When We Learned Izumi-chan's Secr...03-03-2017

Chapter 270 10-06-2017

Chapter 271 Wearing The Maid Uniform Does Not Make You A Maid ! You Wear The Mai...03-03-2017

Chapter 272 Shonen Manga Romantic Comedies Often Have Incidentd That Occur In Th...03-03-2017

Chapter 273 Doki! The Plan To Get A Maiden's Heart Beating! Or Something Like That03-03-2017

Chapter 274 Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyaaaahn03-03-2017

Chapter 275 nyahn nyahn-Nyah-Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyaaahn03-03-2017

Chapter 276 10-06-2017

Chapter 277 Family Ties And Other Connections Can Be Found Here03-03-2017

Chapter 278 10-06-2017

Chapter 279 I Want To Meet Someone Who Has Looked Upon Me Kindly03-03-2017

Chapter 280 10-06-2017

Chapter 281 My Birthday Is October 19th I'm A Libra03-03-2017

Chapter 282 Happy Birthday To Me03-03-2017

Chapter 283 Most Effort is For The Sake of Staying With Someone03-03-2017

Chapter 284 Trouble! Shock! Suspense!03-03-2017

Chapter 285 No Matter How Far You Go, You Will Never Be High End, But...03-03-2017

Chapter 286 She Has Come To Steal Something Precious of Mine03-03-2017

Chapter 287 10-06-2017

Chapter 288 Challenge at 13 Years Old03-03-2017

Chapter 289 10-06-2017

Chapter 290 10-06-2017

Chapter 291 Everyone has their worries that no one else sees03-03-2017

Chapter 292 I Meet You03-03-2017

Chapter 293 10-06-2017

Chapter 294 Renaissance Passion03-03-2017

Chapter 295 As The Coincidences Pile Up, People Will Run Into Someone Else03-03-2017

Chapter 296 10-06-2017

Chapter 297 10-06-2017

Chapter 298 Idol Master03-03-2017

Chapter 299 Don’t stop! Dreamer on the road!03-03-2017

Chapter 300 10-06-2017

Chapter 301 A child can be the bond between two people. Even if they haven’t b...03-03-2017

Chapter 302 Come To My Place03-03-2017

Chapter 303 Days Are Better Off Without Kyoto Animations03-03-2017

Chapter 304 That River Next To Akihabara is The Kanda River03-03-2017

Chapter 305.5 03-03-2017

Chapter 305 While Contemplating in a cafe, it's easy to spot many people working...03-03-2017

Chapter 306 This Blond Little Girl is The One With Authority, You Know03-03-2017

Chapter 307 To Become The Petroleum King03-03-2017

Chapter 308 That is Happening Now!03-03-2017

Chapter 309 The Honorific Onee San Is F?lled With Romance03-03-2017

Chapter 310 10-06-2017

Chapter 311 Nobody Wanted To Lie Initially03-03-2017

Chapter 312 Karaoke Is Enjoyable Even If You're Singing Alone03-03-2017

Chapter 313.5 V26 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 313 It Wasn't That I Wanted To Fool Her. When I Think About Her, It Make...03-03-2017

Chapter 314 Overlapping Lies And Life03-03-2017

Chapter 315 The Problem Is That I Love Him Despite That03-03-2017

Chapter 316 Don't Move Another Step03-03-2017

Chapter 316.5 Omake + Artbook03-03-2017

Chapter 317 If It is Important, Keep it with You03-03-2017

Chapter 318 10-06-2017

Chapter 319 Crappy Adviser03-03-2017

Chapter 320 10-06-2017

Chapter 321 Hing Spec Adviser03-03-2017

Chapter 322 The Next Thing I Knew, I Had Mud Up to My Waist03-03-2017

Chapter 323 I Don't Want Work, But I End Up Working Anyway03-03-2017

Chapter 324 How To Maid Kills Time03-03-2017

Chapter 325 Atn Artisan Technique Seasoning With Salt03-03-2017

Chapter 326 "After Having Done It", He Wasn't Able To Take The Initiat...03-03-2017

Chapter 327 Goodbye Happiness03-03-2017

Chapter 327.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 328 We Still Haven't Received the Pay for the Assistant Work We Did That...03-03-2017

Chapter 329 The Trick To Walking Up Early Is Getting To Bed Early03-03-2017

Chapter 330 10-06-2017

Chapter 331 It's As Quiet As 200 Million Year Ago, Isn't It?03-03-2017

Chapter 332 A Genius's Strategy03-03-2017

Chapter 333 Something Special03-03-2017

Chapter 334 Identity Crisis03-03-2017

Chapter 335 Santa's Lesson03-03-2017

Chapter 336 Rock Over Japan03-03-2017

Chapter 337 The Bad Timing of a Maid's Sulking is Intentional03-03-2017

Chapter 338.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 338 "Continuing Steadily on Day by Day is Important"03-03-2017

Chapter 339 "A Single Yen Can Make One Laugh or Cry"03-03-2017

Chapter 340 10-06-2017

Chapter 341 "A Maid will not be Found for Isumi-san until the 23rd Century&...03-03-2017

Chapter 342.5 Ruka's Doujinshi03-03-2017

Chapter 342 "Thus Spoke Tsurugino Kayura"03-03-2017

Chapter 343 "Thus Spoke Tsurugino Kayura ②"03-03-2017

Chapter 344 "Thus Spoke Tsurugino Kayura (3)"03-03-2017

Chapter 345 "You All Need to be Careful, Too. The Next Thing You Know, You'...03-03-2017

Chapter 346 "And the Butler Made Them"03-03-2017

Chapter 347 "Are You a Magnet or Something!?"03-03-2017

Chapter 348 "Chef Maria's Summer Vegetable Special, Round 1"03-03-2017

Chapter 349 "I Don't Want to Think About Getting Fat Anymore"03-03-2017

Chapter 349.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 350 10-06-2017

Chapter 351.1 Weekly Hayate Project Week 103-03-2017

Chapter 351 Do I Or Do I Not Need To Be Able To Just Do This Kind of Thing to Be...03-03-2017

Chapter 351.6 10-06-2017

Chapter 351.2 Weekly Hayate Project Week 203-03-2017

Chapter 351.5 10-06-2017

Chapter 352 Illness Begins in The Mind. That Means You Will Get Sick If You Negl...03-03-2017

Chapter 353 "He Caught a Cold Because He Is No Longer an Idiot"03-03-2017

Chapter 354 "A Death Flag. And You are the One Raising It"03-03-2017

Chapter 355 "This is What You Get When You Cram All The Needed Information ...03-03-2017

Chapter 356 "Even with three heads, 'hmm...I dunno...' is all the three can...03-03-2017

Chapter 357 "Cycling Yahoo!"03-03-2017

Chapter 358 To Be Blunt, I Am an S at The Core. Also, Never Do What I Do!!03-03-2017

Chapter 359 "I am still unsure what kind of adult I will be in the future&q...03-03-2017

Chapter 360.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 360 10-06-2017

Chapter 361 The Behavior of Mothers is More or Less The Same Everywhere03-03-2017

Chapter 362 The Day The Dolphin Flew03-03-2017

Chapter 363 Mystery Room ①03-03-2017

Chapter 364 Mystery Room ②03-03-2017

Chapter 365 Mystery Room ③03-03-2017

Chapter 366 Mystery Room ④03-03-2017

Chapter 367 Mystery Room ⑤03-03-2017

Chapter 368 Mystery Room ⑥03-03-2017

Chapter 369 Mystery Room ⑦03-03-2017

Chapter 370 10-06-2017

Chapter 371 "Not trying to be popular is a shortcut to being popular"03-03-2017

Chapter 371.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 372 "Think a Bit About How You Say Things"03-03-2017

Chapter 373 Pros Are Amazing in Any Field03-03-2017

Chapter 374 Yahoo! Garbage Needs to be Disinfected!!03-03-2017

Chapter 375 Written as Human Dreams, Read as Fleeting03-03-2017

Chapter 376 You Can Make a Debut at Any Point in Your Life03-03-2017

Chapter 377 A Family Restaurant is a Human Scramble03-03-2017

Chapter 378 Some Other Stuff03-03-2017

Chapter 379 The character for painful needs just a bit more to become the charac...03-03-2017

Chapter 380 10-06-2017

Chapter 381 That is What It is to be a Man, That is What It is to be Young, Brot...03-03-2017

Chapter 382 Strange Lovers03-03-2017

Chapter 382.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 383 An Incident that Does not End with only a Kiss03-03-2017

Chapter 384 Juspion Taught Me There is Only One of Me in the Universe03-03-2017

Chapter 385 There Are Various Battles You Cannot Allow Yourself To Lose03-03-2017

Chapter 386 Right Now, Love Cannot be Stopped03-03-2017

Chapter 387 This is the Kind of Manga You are Reading03-03-2017

Chapter 388 This is Probably When You Would Hear the Term 'Nyoo...!!'03-03-2017

Chapter 389 Deja Vuing and Not Deja Vuing03-03-2017

Chapter 390 10-06-2017

Chapter 391 Anime Store Manager in Love03-03-2017

Chapter 392 Like an Idiot Flying into a Flame03-03-2017

Chapter 393.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 393 A Mother's Timing is Perfect03-03-2017

Chapter 394 Nishizawa Ayumu's Heated Classroom03-03-2017

Chapter 395 I am nor bored. I got plenty to do. Like take care of the cat.03-03-2017

Chapter 396 To Be Strong Is To Keep One's Promises03-03-2017

Chapter 397 Terrible Manga Dojo (Reverse Side)03-03-2017

Chapter 398 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 1) The Idiot Who Leaves On A Trip03-03-2017

Chapter 399 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 2) Trouble Exists in Various Places03-03-2017

Chapter 400 10-06-2017

Chapter 401 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 4) Viewing Hell with Some Hellish...03-03-2017

Chapter 402 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 5) A Truly Lost Child On Midnight...03-03-2017

Chapter 403 Starting Today, I am...03-03-2017

Chapter 404.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 404 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 6) Like a Prayer03-03-2017

Chapter 405 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 7) Hinagiku and Chiharu's Honest ...03-03-2017

Chapter 406 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 8) There is No Method of Earning ...03-03-2017

Chapter 407 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 9) Make The Victory Crown Shine Y...03-03-2017

Chapter 408 Ahh, I Want a Meal03-03-2017

Chapter 409 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 10) Like I Said, I'm Hungry.03-03-2017

Chapter 410 10-06-2017

Chapter 411 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 12) I Will Definitely Protect You...03-03-2017

Chapter 412 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 13) There are All Sorts of People03-03-2017

Chapter 413 10-06-2017

Chapter 414 Chapter 414 Battlefields are Tedious03-03-2017

Chapter 415 "Even If You Ask Me to Choose Between Them..." In a Way, T...03-03-2017

Chapter 415.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 416 Which Ad was It That Said 'Freedom to Choose Your Occupation. Ah Ha ...03-03-2017

Chapter 417 In our hearts, Moriguchi Hiroko and Yamase Mami are singers who will...03-03-2017

Chapter 418 Fragments of Dreams03-03-2017

Chapter 419 To Those Hesitantly Outstreched Fingers03-03-2017

Chapter 420 10-06-2017

Chapter 421 What Makes You Happy03-03-2017

Chapter 422 We Shimmer in the Hot Air03-03-2017

Chapter 423 Termination03-03-2017

Chapter 424 Something Special03-03-2017

Chapter 425 I've Got to Ride03-03-2017

Chapter 426.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 426 Destroy The Invisible Wall03-03-2017

Chapter 427 10-06-2017

Chapter 428 We Will Race Into the Sky03-03-2017

Chapter 429 Ten Years from Now03-03-2017

Chapter 430 10-06-2017

Chapter 431 10-06-2017

Chapter 432 Shining Brightly03-03-2017

Chapter 433 Those Stones Were Once Considered More Valuable Than Gold03-03-2017

Chapter 434 The See-Through Playing Cards Come With Volume 39's Limited Edition03-03-2017

Chapter 435 Memory of a Dream03-03-2017

Chapter 436 A Dream about Santa Claus03-03-2017

Chapter 437 Plans and Expectations are Nothing but One's Imagination03-03-2017

Chapter 437.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 438 Attention, Please03-03-2017

Chapter 439 Ah, There is No Rosiness in This Strange Life03-03-2017

Chapter 440 10-06-2017

Chapter 441 Talking About Liking Octopuses on Sunday Reminds You of Mendou-kun, ...03-03-2017

Chapter 442 With You Always03-03-2017

Chapter 443 Troublesome Relative03-03-2017

Chapter 444 Look! Look! The Chapter Number is Incredibly Unlucky! Everyone Who S...03-03-2017

Chapter 445 We Still Don't Know The Name of The Flower We Ate That Day03-03-2017

Chapter 446 A Love Comedy Without The Comedy03-03-2017

Chapter 446.5 10-06-2017

Chapter 447 A Lot Changes in Ten Years. Like Getting a Promotion... Maybe03-03-2017

Chapter 447.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 448 An Assasin From The Past (Around Volume 15)03-03-2017

Chapter 449 The 101st Or So Proposal03-03-2017

Chapter 450 10-06-2017

Chapter 451 I Love Curry03-03-2017

Chapter 452 I Like the Strawberry Häagen03-03-2017

Chapter 453 About The Brother03-03-2017

Chapter 454 About The Younger Brother03-03-2017

Chapter 455 Love Stories Happen Surprisingly Suddenly03-03-2017

Chapter 456 I Can't Do What I Can't Do03-03-2017

Chapter 457 Ten Year Gap03-03-2017

Chapter 458 Give a Troublesome Person Something Troublesome And Only Trouble Can...03-03-2017

Chapter 459 Stone of Bonds03-03-2017

Chapter 460 10-06-2017

Chapter 461 And Sometimes See a Movie03-03-2017

Chapter 462 Explaining It Again03-03-2017

Chapter 463 Dede de de de de! De!! Myon myon myon03-03-2017

Chapter 464 A Story of Needless Breasts03-03-2017

Chapter 465 A Showdown 8 Months (10 Years) in The Making03-03-2017

Chapter 466 Time of Destruction03-03-2017

Chapter 467 10-06-2017

Chapter 468 See You Again, Hero03-03-2017

Chapter 469.1 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 469 Recycling Day can be Easy to Forget03-03-2017

Chapter 470 10-06-2017

Chapter 471 That is His Ability03-03-2017

Chapter 472 The Schemer Drowns in Her Schemes03-03-2017

Chapter 473 Advice That Comes with a Bad Feeling03-03-2017

Chapter 474 Kittens and Girls are Cute03-03-2017

Chapter 475 Cuteness is Justice03-03-2017

Chapter 476 I Love Kitties03-03-2017

Chapter 477 Late Night Diner <- Effective. Midday Cafe <- Worthless03-03-2017

Chapter 478 In Search of a Love Comedy03-03-2017

Chapter 479 Rice Is a Side Dish03-03-2017

Chapter 480 10-06-2017

Chapter 480.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 481 This is What Happens When a Normal Person Tries03-03-2017

Chapter 482 Committed to the Result03-03-2017

Chapter 483 It's Unclear If This is the Only Neat Thing to Do03-03-2017

Chapter 484 My Summer Vacation (is Over)03-03-2017

Chapter 485 A Ten Year Introduction03-03-2017

Chapter 486 Give Me an Apple Watch03-03-2017

Chapter 487 Give Me a Free Trip. I Don't Care Where. I Just Want to Go Somewhere.03-03-2017

Chapter 488 Buffets are Filled with Dreams03-03-2017

Chapter 489 Cliches are Important03-03-2017

Chapter 490 10-06-2017

Chapter 491 Some People will Traverse a Steel Beam for 20 Million03-03-2017

Chapter 491.5 10-06-2017

Chapter 492 It's a Cold Night, so Let's Get Wild03-03-2017

Chapter 493 I Want to Stay in a Suite Room03-03-2017

Chapter 494 10-06-2017

Chapter 495 It is not the strong who win. The winners win.03-03-2017

Chapter 496 Good Thing I Have a Spine03-03-2017

Chapter 497 Spicy Strategy in Colombia03-03-2017

Chapter 498 Tough Teacher03-03-2017

Chapter 499 Bruce Willis with Hair03-03-2017

Chapter 500 10-06-2017

Chapter 501 Tonight, Banjou's voice will signal the end of the unending battle03-03-2017

Chapter 502 Make Sure to Have a Plan03-03-2017

Chapter 502.5 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 503 A Demon Lives in Las Vegas03-03-2017

Chapter 504 This is a Story of Friendship03-03-2017

Chapter 505 Read this only after reading Chapter 1 of Ad Astra Per Aspera03-03-2017

Chapter 506 Older female relatives tend not to mind their own business03-03-2017

Chapter 507 Karakoi03-03-2017

Chapter 508 Even Tonegawa Would Hesitate03-03-2017

Chapter 509 On a three day two night trip to Paris, this manga's editor had the ...03-03-2017

Chapter 510 10-06-2017

Chapter 511 The more I drew, the cuter Kananiwa-san became.03-03-2017

Chapter 512 I Want to Visit the Grand Canyon03-03-2017

Chapter 513.5 V47Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 513 A Financial Lesson for Good Kids Money is More Important than Your ...03-03-2017

Chapter 514 Bring Everyone's Hearts Together (With Money)03-03-2017

Chapter 515 Rules are a Broad Thing03-03-2017

Chapter 516 Nishizawa Ayumu's Normal Days03-03-2017

Chapter 517 Saki-san's Bar Wandering03-03-2017

Chapter 518 I Know the Trick to Being Ill03-03-2017

Chapter 519 Too Vast a Fortune03-03-2017

Chapter 520 10-06-2017

Chapter 521 The End of a Long Journey03-03-2017

Chapter 522 The ideal and reality are different, but you want to get as close to...03-03-2017

Chapter 523 Inherit the Stars03-03-2017

Chapter 524.5 V48 Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 524 Kiss of Murder03-03-2017

Chapter 525 Even Mario Kart is fun because everyone plays it together03-03-2017

Chapter 526 Everyone, the Adventure Begins at Najimi Tower03-03-2017

Chapter 527 A Ponkotsu's Thoughts are Much Like Taking a Break03-03-2017

Chapter 528 Half of Life is Made of Mean Tricks and Pointless Things03-03-2017

Chapter 529 Pop Star03-03-2017

Chapter 530 10-06-2017

Chapter 531 I Want to be Teased as the One Guy in a Group of Girls03-03-2017

Chapter 532 Where Everything Is Said To Be03-03-2017

Chapter 533 I don't like to be shocked, so I read mystery novels only after know...03-03-2017

Chapter 534 Love, a Racing Heart, and a Kiss03-03-2017

Chapter 535 Two Lies do not Make the Truth03-03-2017

Chapter 535.5 v.49 c.Omake03-03-2017

Chapter 536 Maria-san is a Master of Teasing. However, She is Full of Openings03-03-2017

Chapter 537 Last Regrets03-03-2017

Chapter 538 Forever Dreamer03-03-2017

Chapter 539 One Statement, Two Feelings03-03-2017

Chapter 540 10-06-2017

Chapter 541 Flowers in the Shadow03-03-2017

Chapter 542 Boy Meets Girl03-03-2017

Chapter 543 10-06-2017

Chapter 544 The Great Stygian Abyss03-03-2017

Chapter 545 Your Name Is03-03-2017

Chapter 546 Spira Mirabilis Theatre03-03-2017

Chapter 547 Internal Clock Municipal Orrery03-03-2017

Chapter 548 Angel Creation, Namely Light03-03-2017

Chapter 549 10-06-2017

Chapter 550 10-06-2017

Chapter 551 What A Wonderful World â‘¢ "Skyclad Observer"03-03-2017

Chapter 552 What A Wonderful World â‘£ "A Love Fleeting Yet Everlasting"03-03-2017

Chapter 553 What A Wonderful World ⑤ "Vermilion"03-03-2017

Chapter 554 What A Wonderful World â‘¥ "Paradisus-Paradoxum"03-03-2017

Chapter 555 What A Wonderful World ⑦ "The Wrath of God, in All its Fury&q...03-03-2017

Chapter 556 What A Wonderful World ⑧ "Forbidden Resistance"03-03-2017

Chapter 557 What A Wonderful World ⑨ "to the beginning"03-03-2017

Chapter 558 Finale â‘© "Thank You, Baby"03-03-2017

Chapter 559 Finale ⑪ "oath sign"03-03-2017

Chapter 560 10-06-2017

Chapter 561 10-06-2017

Chapter 562 Finale ? "To The Promised Land"03-05-2017

Chapter 563 Finale ? "Cruel Angel's Thesis"03-05-2017

Chapter 564 Finale What A Wonderful World ? "It's All For Loving You"03-05-2017

Chapter 565 Finale ? "Someone Loves You"03-05-2017

Chapter 566 Finale What A Wonderful World ? "Beyond The Time"03-05-2017

Chapter 567 Finale What A Wonderful World ? "When you wish upon a star&q...03-05-2017

Chapter 568 Final Chapter "There's Something I Want To Tell You Below This ...03-05-2017