Hatenkou Yuugi

Hatenkou Yuugi

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural, Tragedy,
Author(s): Endou Minari
Source: mangapark
Status: Ongoing 
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Hatenkou Yuugi:

Rahzel is a young girl who is thrown out of her house by her doting father with instructions to go “see the world”. And so her adventure begins, however, she won't be doing it alone. Rahzel quickly befriends an albino man named Alzeid who is seeking revenge for his father's murderer (who, coincidentally enough, looks similar to Rahzel herself). The two strangers are drawn to one another, even though they don't get along. This may be because of their shared magic powers –or it may be because of his mysterious past. The reluctant allies soon meet up with Baroqueheat, a self-proclaimed womanizer who is also deeply tied to the person known as “Alzeid”. The three strangers come together, travelling from town to town, using their powers to protect the weak, while discovering themselves along the way. Unbeknownst to Rahzel, the beginning of her so-called “adventure” sets the gears in motion for something much greater. It seems as if someone from the shadows is manipulating the events of the present for a reason yet to be understood...


Chapter 0 15-06-2017

Chapter 0.1 The Ephemeral Prosposition Part 13-14, Passerby A's Gloom, The Name of a Sinful God Parts 1-205-03-2017

Chapter 0.2 The Ephemeral Prosposition Part 11-1205-03-2017

Chapter 1 05-03-2017

Chapter 2 Angel Text Part 3 Downer's Logic05-03-2017

Chapter 3 Ever So Small and Delicate Lullaby Part 305-03-2017

Chapter 4 Eternal Love 1 She Who Awaits Spring05-03-2017

Chapter 5 Eternal Love 2 Ghost Invasion05-03-2017

Chapter 6 The Unknown Path 1 Carelessness Leads to Danger05-03-2017

Chapter 7 05-03-2017

Chapter 7.5 Hearts outline05-03-2017

Chapter 8 Surrender, or Resist! 5 ~The 13th Trial~05-03-2017

Chapter 16 Keep Out Of Paradise05-03-2017

Chapter 17 10-06-2017

Chapter 18 Angel Text part 1 Acid Head Stray Sheep05-03-2017

Chapter 19 Angel Text--Part2 Cynical Bad Trip05-03-2017

Chapter 20 10-06-2017

Chapter 21 Angel Text Part 4 Drunk Gang Heaven05-03-2017

Chapter 22 Angel Text Part 5 Melancholic Tranquilizer05-03-2017

Chapter 23 Angel Text Part 6 Empty Remedy05-03-2017

Chapter 24 Angel Text Part 7" Smokin' Here, Baby05-03-2017

Chapter 25 Angel Text Part 8 Dear Nod, Dearest Pain05-03-2017

Chapter 26 Angel Text Part 9 Perfect Anodyne05-03-2017

Chapter 27 Scar After Scar05-03-2017

Chapter 28 Ever So Small and Delicate Lullaby Part 105-03-2017

Chapter 29 Ever So Small and Delicate Lullaby Part 205-03-2017

Chapter 30 10-06-2017

Chapter 31 After Flowers Bloom part 1 Reaching the Gloom05-03-2017

Chapter 33 After the Flowers Bloom Part 3 Snowmelt05-03-2017

Chapter 34 One Cold Winter Day Part 1 Just Wishing for Happiness05-03-2017

Chapter 35 One Cold Winter Day Part 2 Ravages of the Chanting Voice05-03-2017

Chapter 36 The Ephemeral Proposition Part 1 And So the Game Continues05-03-2017

Chapter 37 The Ephemeral Proposition Part 2 Separated05-03-2017

Chapter 38 The Ephemeral Proposition Part 3 Like the End of a Long Dream05-03-2017

Chapter 39 The Ephemeral Proposition Part 4 The Left Behind05-03-2017

Chapter 40.1 10-06-2017

Chapter 45.1 10-06-2017

Chapter 48 10-06-2017

Chapter 53 10-06-2017

Chapter 55 10-06-2017

Chapter 59 10-06-2017

Chapter 62 10-06-2017

Chapter 67 10-06-2017

Chapter 69 10-06-2017

Chapter 76 Surrender, or Resist! Part 1 Angel Text05-03-2017

Chapter 77 Surrender, or Resist! Part 2 All Night05-03-2017

Chapter 78 Surrender, or Resist! Part 3 The Sleeping Beauty within the Nightmare Abyss05-03-2017

Chapter 79 Surrender, or Resist! Part 4 The Person Leaving and the Person Being Left Behind05-03-2017

Chapter 80 10-06-2017

Chapter 81 Surrender, or Resist! Part 6 Prometheus on the Move05-03-2017

Chapter 82 Surrender, or Resist! Part 7 A Prophet in the Form of a Boy05-03-2017

Chapter 83 Surrender, or Resist! Part 8 No Escape05-03-2017

Chapter 83.5 Intermission05-03-2017

Chapter 84 Dedicated to the Unnamed Blue Part 1 It's Not Nonsense05-03-2017

Chapter 85 Dedicated to the Unnamed Blue Part 2 Now, Onward into the Abyss05-03-2017

Chapter 86 05-03-2017

Chapter 87 05-03-2017

Chapter 88 05-03-2017

Chapter 89.5 Side Story05-03-2017

Chapter 89 Dedicated to the Unnamed Blue Part 6 Miniature Garden of Autumn, Moebius Starting Point Part 305-03-2017

Chapter 90 10-06-2017

Chapter 91 05-03-2017

Chapter 92 05-03-2017

Chapter 93 05-03-2017

Chapter 94 Fixed05-03-2017

Chapter 95.5 05-03-2017

Chapter 95 Dedicated to the Unnamed Blue Part 12 Autumn of the Miniature Garden, Origin of Mebius Part 905-03-2017

Chapter 96 Dedicated to the Unnamed Blue 13 ~ Visitors of Winter 1~05-03-2017

Chapter 97 05-03-2017

Chapter 97.5 Extra05-03-2017

Chapter 98 05-03-2017

Chapter 99 Dedicated to the Unnamed Blue 15 ~ Visitors of Winter 4~05-03-2017

Chapter 100 10-06-2017

Chapter 101 05-03-2017

Chapter 102 Dedicated to the Unnamed Blue 19~ When Spring is Beckoning at You 2~05-03-2017

Chapter 103 10-06-2017