Freezing - Zero

Freezing - Zero

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Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Martial, Arts, School, Life, Sci, Fi, Seinen, Supernatural, Tragedy,
Author(s): IM Dal-Young
Source: mangapark
Status: Completed 
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Freezing - Zero:

A prequel to Freezing ( detailing the background Kazuha Aoi, Kazuya's older sister, Arnett McMillian and many other girls of Pandora.


Chapter 1 Elizabeth Mably III05-03-2017

Chapter 2 Brother and Sister II05-03-2017

Chapter 3 Aoi Kazuha, Part III05-03-2017

Chapter 4 Aoi Kazuha, Part IV05-03-2017

Chapter 5 Aoi Kazuha, Part V05-03-2017

Chapter 6 Arnett McMillan I05-03-2017

Chapter 7 Arnett McMillan II05-03-2017

Chapter 8 Elizabeth Mably I05-03-2017

Chapter 9 Elizabeth Mably II05-03-2017

Chapter 10 10-06-2017

Chapter 11 28th Generation West Genetics05-03-2017

Chapter 12 28th Generation West Genetics II05-03-2017

Chapter 13 28th Generation West Genetics III05-03-2017

Chapter 14 28th Generation West Genetics IV05-03-2017

Chapter 15 28th Generation West Genetics V05-03-2017

Chapter 16 28th Generation West Genetics VI05-03-2017

Chapter 17 Talent and Effort05-03-2017

Chapter 18 Talent and Effort II05-03-2017

Chapter 19 Brother and Sister I05-03-2017

Chapter 20 10-06-2017

Chapter 21 Brother and Sister III05-03-2017

Chapter 22 Brother and Sister IV05-03-2017

Chapter 23 Fragments of the Past I05-03-2017

Chapter 24 Fragments of the Past II05-03-2017

Chapter 25 Cassie Lockheart I05-03-2017

Chapter 26 Cassie Lockheart II05-03-2017

Chapter 27 Chiffon Fairchild I05-03-2017

Chapter 28 Chiffon Fairchild II05-03-2017

Chapter 29 Chiffon Fairchild III05-03-2017

Chapter 30 10-06-2017

Chapter 31 The Warriors of Vahalla05-03-2017

Chapter 32 The Warriors of Vahalla II05-03-2017

Chapter 33 The Warriors of Vahalla III05-03-2017

Chapter 34 The Warriors of Valhalla IV (rev.2)05-03-2017

Chapter 35 Rana Linchen I05-03-2017

Chapter 36 Rana Linchen II05-03-2017

Chapter 37 Rana Linchen III05-03-2017

Chapter 38 Rana Linchen IV [END]05-03-2017