Introduction of ‘Higher Degree Course for Asian Arowana Care’ Scholarship

Overview of Scholarship

First of all, I am going to introduce the scholarship called as ‘Higher Degree Course for Asian Arowana Care’ for anyone who are interested in this field and desire to pursue further study. As you may know, there are a number of difficulties when taking care of Asian Arowana including the geographic barriers, incurred costs, the caring process, the caring tips as well as the related tools. Therefore, in order to have the best care for them, you need to be trained carefully to have the adequate understanding after all.

In particular, Asian Arowana has developed dramatically in Southern Asia. Therefore, if you do not carry out proper and careful research, you cannot take good care of them in other countries. Moreover, you need to know the detailed process to take care of Asian Arowana, otherwise, you will not achieve any results after all. In addition, with difficult stages during the caring process, you have to spend a large amount of money in order to make the Asian Arowana grow as well as possible.

Also, it takes you much time and efforts to looking after the new eggs and then turn the Asian Arowana into the fabulous one day by day. Besides, you should know the fact that most people do not understand how to conduct the surgery for Asian Arowana, which is considered as the special and effective skill for growing this kind of fish. As a consequence, with a total of 10 years of experience, I am willing to share all of my knowledge and expertise to those passionate students who desire to pursue this field in the long run.

I am sure that you will find these skills interesting and useful for your future career. In addition, you can visit my blog to have a close look at some of the related articles. Otherwise, you can watch this video right now for more information:

Description of the Scholarship

Going to the next point, I am going to briefly introduce some details about this scholarship, so that you can have a general view about it. This training Arowana Scholarship is designed to those students who are conducting university study as well as the graduated ones that have the passionate feeling to learn more about Asian Arowana. With this positive attitude, you will be able to grab an outstanding prize of $1,000 in total.

In particular, this scholarship aims to encourage Vietnamese young people to have more interest as well as get more familiar with this kind of new fish. Furthermore, you will definitely be provided the detailed instructions on how to take care of Asian Arowana in the best way. In the foreseeable future, I hope that Asian Arowana will quickly become more and more popular within Vietnamese community since this fish is not only special but also unique in many ways.

The objectives of this scholarship sounds interesting, right? As a result, do not hesitate anymore if you are keen on discovering deeper understanding about Asian Arowana. Please quickly get in touch with me to get this lifetime chance for yourself.

Who can apply for the scholarship?

If you read until this part, it means that you are quite fond of this wonderful scholarship project. As a consequence, in case you are studying one of these majors below, you will be eligible for this scholarship application:

  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Cultivation
  • Zoology
  • Creatures/Animals Research
  • Animal Biology
  • Veterinary Medicine

If you are either a final-year student or a fresh graduate among one of the mentioned fields above, I highly recommend that you should register and apply for our scholarship program soon, so that you can get as many benefits as possible for yourself. In particular, with early application, you will be offered free accommodation which consists of a number of high standard features. All of these elements will greatly helps you pay all of your attention to study and research without any barriers.

With no doubt, this scholarship program can not only provide you with sufficient knowledge for your future but also offer a friendly and well-qualified environment. Thus, make sure to grab this chance immediately.

How to apply for the scholarship?

Last but not least, you need to know clearly about all of the process to apply for this interesting scholarship. However, do not worry since you only need to follow easy and simple steps. First of all, you should send an application letter to this email:

In your application letter, you need to clearly tell us about your aspiration as well as your desire. After considering all of the applications, we will finally make the best decision at the end of October 1 annually and select 2 outstanding candidates who are able to show the greatest passion as well as enthusiasm for this program.

Nevertheless, if you submit your application soon and your application is suitable for all of our judging criteria, we will be willing to hand out the scholarship before October 1 annually for sure.

The deadline for you to submit your application via email is on  May 30 annually. Please remember this important date and make a wise decision as you can totally receive more than you can imagine with this scholarship.

Again, you can not only identify the profound sides of growing Asian Arowana but also receive additional benefit regarding accommodation. As a result, please give yourself a try right now and you will never regret about your choice in the future.

In the end, thanks for all of your consideration.