After Asian Arowana eggs hatching

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In the past, Arowana fish in a tank is nearly impossible but now it’s not that tough anymore, many successful cases have been revealing themselves day by day. And the key is to pay attention to the process after hatching.

How many does an Arowana lay? There are 50 – 60 eggs each time. Since Arowana is mouthbrooding specie, the male Arowana scoop up the eggs as many as he can carry in his buccal cavity. The number varies, from 10 – 30 each, the female Arowana often swallows the remaining eggs. After having the eggs in the male’s , the female tends to chase the male violently which the male to accidentally swallow some of the eggs, so some breeders separate the female from the male during this time.

After one week, 1-centimeters fries are formed from the eggs which mean, but they are still attached to the yolk sac which gives them the necessary nutrient. This is the time breeders usually open the Arowana male’s mouth to put the fries in another tank because the unhatched eggs will affect the living environment which causes death to the fries. If we don’t, they continue to live in their dad’s mouth. The temperature shall be at 27 – 29 0C (warm water) and oxygen dissolving shall be at 5 mg/l.

After two months, the male Arowana release the fries and the yolk sac beneath the fries are almost absorbed. That’s when the fries are allowed to swim freely and take food from outside source (the nutrient from the yolk sac is gone). Know the time to provide food in order to keep the fries from fighting each other.

After Asian Arowana eggs hatching

After hatching 2 Days

After hatching 6 Days

After hatching 8 Days

After  hatching 12 Days

After  hatching 19 Days

After  hatching 24 Days

After hatching 31 Days

After hatching 33 Days

After  hatching 33 Days 2

After hatching 37 Days

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