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Why this web exists?

Hi everyone, I’d like to tell you about my passion story – Dragon Fish.13879276_527529964101984_6628586654872856042_n

I’m Harry Vo, I was born in the poor countryside in Vietnam where streams and river run like a spider web (don’t believe me? Come and see for yourself). As a result, my childhood was all about fishing and fish raising.

At first, I raised fish in a barrel, and one of my favorite fish is Guppy (Poecilia reticulate). Day by day, I fed them with worms and earned money by selling their offspring. That was my first job in my life until I grew up. It was fun.

At the age of 18, I went to the big city to study and work; there wasn’t enough time and room (rent) space to raise and take care of fish but my love was still there. The thought of fish kept lingering in my head, and one day, I decided to have Betta Fish which were suitable for my student life at that time. That caused the everyday exciting Betta Fish battles between my friends and me. Those were awesome days which were also about fish.

Where is the part about Dragon Fish(Arowana Asian)? Here it is. To keep my passion going, I decided to work at an aquarium shop. When being assigned to take care of the Dragon Fish tank, that fish caught my attention with its size, swimming style, the colors and most importantly, the strength. Yes, ironically, all the small fish I raised during my childhood are their preys. My boss usually makes a show of the dragon fish jumping out of its tank to catch preys for attracting the customers.

You know what? I love fish, but I haven’t been attracted to any specific fish species until the Dragon Fish came. With me, the Dragon Fish is not only an earning money method or business but also an art, and the fish breeder (raiser) is the true artist.

I decided to have a Dragon Fish. Initially, I fed them in a glass fish tank (aquarium). It didn’t come out good. The Dragon Fish got quite some diseases. I thought that I needed to invest the modern equipment to deal with the problems. I did, and they didn’t get any better.

Then I realized the most obvious thing, Mother Earth takes care of the animals (in this case, the Dragon Fish) best and we’re replacing the place of that Mother. So, the tasks, are not easy. It is not about what types or how advanced the technology are but “How can we make their environment the most natural for them.”

That is the reason why I established the website of WhatFishThinks.com and opened my aquarium shop to share my passion as well as share and discuss the ways to raise the Dragon Fish which make them thrive. Yeah! Think like a Dragon Fish.

In Vietnam, the Dragon Fish is not only for the hobby but also a good luck or a wealth charm for people who look after it carefully. I hope it is like that in America too. Indeed, I’ve come to America and lived for a while, have been still raising Dragon Fish of course. I found that American techniques of raising Dragon Fish are great and interesting. More interestingly, I can combine both Vietnam and America ways to make my fish thrive most. With my experiences in both Asia and America, I hope that I can give you the wide variety of useful information to raise a Dragon Fish.

Now, everything in my house has the shape of Dragon Fish. The Dragon Fish bring luck and success to my family. I love to share image of Dragon Fish in Vietnam and in American as well together with its blessing to the people who like and love Dragon Fish in the world.


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Do you love Dragon Fish or have interests in them? Welcome to my site! I’m one of you! We’re gonna share our passion and tips to raise them best.

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